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Savior Alliance is not just a church; its a ministry for Christ.  We believe everyone; from our pastors to every member of our church has the ability to minister in every occasion.  Our leadership has been equip with abilities to lead and instruct people in all walks of life.  Deepening the faith of every member and our community is only one step.  Christ drives our church and we will use our gifts for his glory.  The ability to serve not only shows deepening faith it also brings about true discipleship. 

Next Gen Ministry

As your child begins to become independent, our next gen ministry starts building at the core of each individual.  Teaching fundamentals from music to bible studies, Savior Alliance will develop Christ driven individuals through fellowship, worship, discipleship, evangelism and ministry.

Worship Ministry
Small Groups

There is a time or place when everyone needs support.  Join one of our small groups and find that support.  Our small groups consist of a small number of people that will support one another in their time of need.  Meet twice a month to learn or just hang out.  There's always a place to meet new people and grow together.

Childern's Ministry

Bring your children to our classes and start their life knowing Christ.  We believe its important to impart Christ in the early years of a child's life.  Learning who is Christ and developing each child's gifts is what the children's ministry will teach.

College and Career Ministry

Turning into a young adult is a important milestone in one's life.  Let our college and career ministry teach and implore ideas and a world view to help young adults strive for a better life.

Pastoral Support

In life everyone goes through seasons of ups and downs.  Know that every pastor will be standing and waiting for the call to support anyone.  The chance to pray and bless someone is a important opportunity that each pastor at Savior Alliance Church. No need is too small or too big.

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